Well, technically, Week 0.5 since this first week started on Weds, but close enough.

1) I have friends!!! What a great feeling! Well, I dunno, I guess we could still be at that early social phase like the one in college where everyone’s just being nice for the sake of being nice only to later end up retracting social circles backstabbing me/each other, but it seems like at least everyone I’ve gotten remotely close to is super chill! I certainly hope I’m only being anxious.

2) I’m the youngest one at least among my little friend group (huge fking surprise), and while I quantitatively know it’s not the case, it certainly feels like I’m the only one without a girlfriend/boyfriend, partner, fiancée, or wife/husband. More than a little lonely, to be quite honest.

3) I miss LA already. As much as I hated the city at times, part of me feels like I left my heart, I left something undone there. I’ll be back.

4) One of the guys in my cohort, Korean at that, just came to the US with his wife and kid. And if my guesses are correct, he’s right about the age my dad was when he came to the US with me and my mom for grad school. Really got me all deeply thinking about how things must’ve been for my dad when he first came here.

5) I feel like I’m in a bit over my head, to be real. I guess I’ll be fine once I settle in more, but god, people move fast and people are serious. I don’t know. If not for myself, I know I need to do well for the people who helped me get here. Deep breaths.

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