Originally typed this out as my farewell note to be printed in the Academy for Polymathic Study induction ceremony program, but people seemed to really connect with it. Thought I’d share it here:

“The most important things in college are learned outside the classroom. I noticed early on that everyone danced. People do it whether they want to or not, because… well, everyone does it. So I tried to do it, too, and I got better at it all while hating that I had to do it. But some people I danced with… it turned out they didn’t like dancing either. So then we started to dance the best dance – the dance of not dancing, of genuinely expressing and connecting. That’s how I met my best friends, and through them, I learned how it feels to truly connect with someone, to exist on the same frequency, for your mind to flow in the same way as someone else’s, to lie down and close your eyes and fall out of the world and into the moment together – to love.”

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